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I recently bought a 1.5 Tbyte ext drive and put everything on it.
I then loaded XP and reformatted the hard drive. Once that was done and Windows was up, I have had no sound icon and no sound on the CPU. The control panel says that no sound device is selected but the system is missing C-media AC97 audio device. Can you suggest an alternative or a way to fix this problem
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  1. Install your motherboard & chipset drivers, & your audio device drivers should be on the same disc.
    If you no longer have the disc, you can usually find the drivers from your motherboard manufacturer's website.
  2. First of all go to My Computer>Manage>Device Manager.if you can find your device name or some hardware as unidentified try to install drivers from the manufacturers.
    After installing check the device manager after restarts and there would be icon for you sound hardware.
    That might solve the problem.If you still dont get any sound but can see hardware listed go to the control panel and check volume and device settings.
    Hope your problem gets fixed
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