SSD Raid 0 Question.

Currently I use a Crucial M4 64 GB SSD ( as my boot drive and I am planning on buying another SSD for the main group of programs that I use.

I was considering buying the OCZ Vertex 3 120 GB ( and placing it in Raid 0 with my 64 GB drive but I noticed the write speed on the OCZ is much higher than that on my Crucial. I am not sure how that would effect performance if the two drives were placed in Raid 0.

My question is this, which of the three options below would be the best option for me?;
1. Buy the OCZ Vertex 3 and place it in Raid 0 with my Crucial M4.
2. Buy the OCZ Vertex 3 and just have it as a separate drive for my programs and keep my Crucial as a dedicated boot/driver/antivirus drive.
3. Buy the 128GB Crucial M4 drive so the write speed is the same as my 64 GB and place them in Raid 0.

Thanks in advance for all the information:)
(Also a brief explanation to any answer would be appreciated so I can learn a little more aas to the ins and outs of an SSD in Raid 0.)
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  1. The performance of any RAID array is based upon the drive in the array with the smallest capacity and also the drive with the slowest Read/Write speeds.

    With a 64GB drive & 120GB drive in RAID-0, instead of having 184GB of capacity (64 + 120), you will have 128GB of capacity (64 x 2), which is a waste of 56GB.

    Keeping both drives separate with one as your O/S and the other as a storage drive is your best option.
  2. Ah I did not know that, thank you. So really the only way to effectively do raid 0 would be to just get another 64 GB M4. OCZ Vertex 3 as a seperate storage drive it is. Thanks:)
  3. Logically, if you want to use Sandforce powered SSD with RAID 0 mode, ideal solution is to use two Intel SSD 520 Series (better with two same capacity). Of course with TRIM support in RAID 0 mode. :D
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