Burning problem ??????

ok so just a few months ago i built a new rig and just recently i have had some weird funky burning smell when i start playin a game, here is my system specs

msi 790fx-GD70
Phenom II x2 550 unlocked to 4 cores and oc'ed to 3.8ghz at 1.5v
zalman cpu cooler
msi R5850 with unlocked 5870 bios oc'ed to 780ghz and memory at 1175 ghz
i had a logisys 630w power supply but for some reason after i got done installing 2 seagate barracudas in raid 0 my system wouldnt boot so i threw my old 500w psu back in it?
Raidmax smilodon case with plenty of fans
1.5tb wd green for storage

im not sure but im kinda thinkin its my card smellin but it could be my psu but im pretty sure it happened before playin dragon age when i had my logisys psu in but the air comin out of the card is pretty hot but the back side of it is still touchable. actually it did do it with the 630w psu because i remember i kept gettin blue screens and i felt my tower and it was hot as hell i think it was mainly the psu but im really not sure could anyone give me some ideas of what this could be? :sol:
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  1. You monitoring GPU / CPU temps ?

    Run OCCT Torture tests for CPU / GPU / PSU ?
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