Asus x58 sabertooth - setup and installed win7 on two ssd drives marvel 6g contr

I have setup and installed win7 on marvel controller 6g sata as raid 0 on an x58 sabertooth mb. System is working great and is fast. loaded all of the software I wanted on the raid ssd drives: now when I connect my normal sata hd into one of the sata ports on the motherboard and boot the system. THe system won't boot, can't find my ssd drives in the raid 0 with the operating system on them..bios would not display my ssd raid 0 drive... reboot and ctrl-'m' during post was not accepted. I could not get into the marvel controller setup. shut down and removing sata hd and multiple reboots. I was able to get into the marvel controller and then reselect my ssd drives as my boot drive in bios. trying to figure out how to add sata hd to my system so I can have some storage space. since my two ssd 120 gigs drives are for OS and most used software only. any help or ideas would help. thanks rich
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  1. Your 1st boot device should be your RAID array. Set your 2nd & 3rd boot device to "Disabled".
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