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Hey guys I was looking into buying a new mobo with DDR3 memory support. Right now I have a 1055T running 4 GB 1066 MHZ ram. I do a little video editing not much though and hardcore gaming. Do memory speeds affect game load times and performance. I was thinking of Getting GSkill Flairs 4GB 1800MHZ 7-8-7-24 Timings or go with GSkill Ripjaws 8GB 1600MHZ 9-9-9-24 Timings. I have 230$ to spend on ram which ram sticks would provide the best performance and stability and I do overclock, 4 VS 8GB ect. GTA 4, MS FSX, Bad Company 2.
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  1. Memory speed is for computation and the "Load time" is vastly impacted by your HDD/HHD/SSD Read speed.

    If you're not a gamer then reallocate for something else. 1333 or 1600 MHz is more than good enough, extreme OC'ing 1600 MHz+.

    What MOBO, CPU, HDD/HHD/SSD are you looking to get and what;s your total budeget?
  2. +1^
    Memory speeds and timings don't make much of a difference in performance,they are mostly important for OC'ng.
    Between those RAMs,well the 4GB one is faster and has better timings,so unless you don't have lots of Image/video editing windows opened at the same time,(or heavy tasks like that),then go with the 4GB one.
    However,DDR3 1600 suffices for a good OC,so you may want to consider one with 1600MHz and with the same or lower timings,like this
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