Pc turns off after 5 secs

Hello, can some one please help me , when i press the power on button it just lights up with no hdd thinking turns it self off after 5 seconds , now i am thinking it is the power suply because the fan is not spinning but every thing like the video card fan and cpu fan are spinning so i was also thinking that its over heating because of the thermal goo could be dried up ? ? my specs are gigabyte mobo 1.5Gb Ram 1Gb Gigabyte Graphics card and a standard 3.2 Mhz cpu nothing fancy but was working fine till i pulled the power out of the PSU one night to switch it off after it froze . . any advice would be much appreciated via here or e-mail jdkper@yahoo.com.au
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  1. Do you have a spare powersupply? I would plug that in to see if it works. Let me know what happens, maybe someone who knows more on here could answer you.
  2. It sounds like the problem i had on a old computer. I had warranty on that so i left it in for a free repair. The guys in the store said that the PSU was "burned" wich meant that the Watt was too low for my build.

    This problem occured when i was a newbie on this and just placed in a better GPU without knowing that it required a better PSU then the one i had.

    btw "standard 3.2 Mhz cpu" that would suck :P i bet you mean GHz
  3. oh sorry forgot to say this...

    You should indded like xxenergyxx said check with another PSU, it's probably where the problem is located.

    If you dont have any other PSU there is cheap 450W or 500W PSU that would easily manage your build. Corsair is my favorite PSU brand :)
  4. Sounds like your mobo is cooked, How old is your setup? What PSU are you using?

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