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Just purchased a new system to serve as an AutoCad workstation. Building it with an AMD Phenom II X2 555 paired with an MSI 785GM-51 motherboard. Wanting to know if an Antec 380 watt power supply will be to little power, if I get lucky and I'm able to unlock any of the other cores? The PSU is brand new and was intended for my HTPC, but so far the PSU that was bundled with my HTPC case (500W apevia) is holding it's own for that build. When using the Antec power supply calculator it seemed to suggest that it would be enough for the quad. Using IGP (HD4200) initially untill I decide which route to go on that front. Although the numbers seemed to pencil out for a Phenom II x4 955 If I get lucky was wondering if I should wait to attempt unlocking untill I upgrade the PSU...that is If a larger PSU is even needed. . I know I'd need a new PSU if I overclock, but I don't plan on overclocking yet as it should be plenty of processing power for what I'm using it for. If I were to eventually overclock I'm sure I'd need a new PSU, especially if the other cores unlcock.
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  1. 380W should be more than enough for a Phenom II X4 B55 and integrated graphics. If you live in the US though, you could just get a 400W Corsair CX400W PSU 80+ certified for $34.99 w/$15 rebate.
  2. Thank you for your reply
    I thought so but unsure as this will be my first attempt with unlocking cores. Yes I'm in the Pacific Northwest (USA) . It's an Antec 380W 80+ certified psu that I purchased for around the same price as your recommendation. Though If I could use it in this build I would be able to save a buck towards a graphics card down the line. Any Ideas on GPU's I could upgrade to and still be able to use this power supply? I think I used a 4650 in one of the PSU calculator options and it was around 310W...cutting it a little close. Maybe a newer GPU would lower my power consumpion? Any recommendations for around $100 +/-
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    You might want to try a Radeon 5670 maybe?
    That's designed for a 400w psu, i think you could get away with it.
  4. for just the unlocked 4 core phenom 555 and integrated graphics the psu is more than sufficient... but if you use a power hungry discreet graphics card like 5770 or 5850 then the psu is not sufficient...
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  6. uncfan_2563 said:
    You might want to try a Radeon 5670 maybe?
    That's designed for a 400w psu, i think you could get away with it.

    Been a while since my post but thanks for your advice. The 5670's working great with my 380w PSU, no issues whatsoever. Very quick card I'm happy and all for $89.00. Just unlocked one more core with my phenom II X2 555 and no issues with the PSU. Tri-Core for $52.00!! Thanks again!
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