Is 400 watts enough power for my system?

Using several PSU wattage calculators I found online, a 400 watt power supply should be enough for me (I want a little room to upgrade/add but not something too high). I am having a little trouble calculating exactly due to the fact that my Graphics Card is not one of the options on the calculators. I just wanted to check and make sure that was the case as it seems a little low to me. Here is my system:

-CPU: Intel Core i7-930
-Motherboard: ASUS P6TD Deluxe
-RAM: G Skill F3-12800CL7T-6GBPI
-Graphics Card: XFX HD-545X-YNH2
-Monitor: Asus VW266H
-(In process of choosing case)
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  1. the 5450 is a low power card, the 400W is plenty but if you wish to upgrade i would go with a 500-550W for a single card and 650w for crossfire. I beleive you add 100W for Nvidia instead of ati.
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    Well your setup could run on a quality 300 to 350 watt PSU the HD 5450 barely draws 20 watts when its at full load. So a 400 watt PSU will be more then plenty for your RIG.

    Now depending on if you want to upgrade in the future to a more powerful card 550 watt PSU would be a good choice to leave your options wide open for upgrades. A 550 watt PSU will run just about any single GPU card on the market except the HD5970 and the GTX 480 besides those 2 cards a 550 watt PSU is all you will really ever need.

    Check out the link in my sig for Power Supply guide for graphics cards.
  3. There are power supplies, and then there are power supplies.
    Most lie, when they are giving thier power rating.
    If you are going cheap, that 400 watt psu is probably only good for 250 to 300 watts.
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