9800 GTX graphic issues?

I have had this card for ever and no problems.

However, about 5 months ago, i made a big upgrade.

I got an AMD X4 955 @ 3.2ghz

ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO motherboard

And http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231193

And i also run a 500W PSU

Windows 7 and XP

After this upgrade, my graphics would kind of.. glitch and a number of things happen. The screen either freezes; and i can sometimes tab out and it will fix it, and other times the computer will straight up freeze and i have to restart it.
Then sometimes, the text will turn to blocks and certain graphical objects on the screen would go blank or blurry... Usually when it does that, i have to hard reset the computer...

Then often times, when ever i alt tab out of a game and go back in, my video card will not run at its full speed (756 core clock) Instead, it will run at idling speed causing any and all games to lag. That usually happens a lot when i end the process from the Task Manager too.

Another point of interest is that Battlefield 2 and Bad Company 2 do it the most, as opposed to Call of Duty 4.

World of Warcraft does the same thing, however, its never bad enough to where i have to restart the computer, except on rare occasion...

This all is very Random too. VERY Random... Sometimes, i can play 2 hours worth of BF2 and nothing happen, other times, the second i enter the server browser or something, it glitchs, and the text goes blocky..

My Mobo temp runs about 30 load and processor is probably 50ish.. My vid card runs 70 max on load.

One more thing, sometimes, on Windows 7, it would BSOD bringing up some .sys error, i can't remember. I would know it if i saw it though.

This issue is getting really annoying. Please, someone help me and i will provide more input as needed.

Thanks, Brandon
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  1. Anyone have any solutions?
  2. try your card in another computer and see whether the problems are still exist... :)
    makes sure the 6pin power connector is properly inserted.
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