Disable Hyperthreading Help!

Hi guys, my laptop is the HP DV6-2154ca

The specs are
Core i5-430m 2.26ghz
1 GB GT 230M DDR3

When I go into bios I cannot find advanced settings or disable hyperthreading, I checked Intel's website and my processor has hyperthreading enabled.

(My Processor) http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=43537
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  1. Question, why do you want it off?

    open Run | type in msconfig and click Ok> go on Boot tab | click Advanced options... | there you have to uncheck "Number of processors" and select from the dropdown list how many processors you want windows to "see" from those available.
  2. Becuase I want to see If It can manage a BF 2 crash that has been going on... all other solutions don't work, and Btw, sorry to sound like an idiot, but what is vPar Monitor?
  3. vPar consists of CPU, memory, and I/O that is a subset of the overall hardware on the computer.

    Where did you run across that??
  4. Did the MSCONIG solution work properly and turn-off the HT for you?
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