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I just bought an asus computer i7(window 7 64bit) with a geforce 260 gtx and I notice that the video quality is much darker than my old computer(core 2 with a geforce 9800 gtx xp) I also notice that the video is not clear when there is a fast moving object. I try to adjust it brighter on both the tv and the computer but still no help. Is there anything that I can do? I play transformer 2 with both either window media player and klite. Is this because of window 7 vs xp or 260 vs 9800. My monitor is a Samsung 52 lcd 120hz. thx
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  1. what resolution are you trying to play on?
  2. You should be able to adjust the color and brighness in the Nvidia control panel. Your monitor should also allow you to make these adjustments with their built in control panel.

    Most monitors I've had, also came with software to help you to adjust these settings by following a few steps.
  3. max 1900x1080 native 60hz. I didnt do any different before when I had my old computer. Tv has same setting. when I adjust the brightness and contrast on both the tv and the nvidia adjustment, the whole screen get brighter but the face of the ppl in the screen still pretty dark.
  4. You might want to try adjusting the gamma setting.
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