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MSI GT 240 nv4_disp.dll problem

I just built my wife a new machine and have been having trouble with the MSI GT 240 I got for it. The machine is a Micro-ATX setup with an AMD 785G chipset (Gigabyte MA785GM-US2H) with an AMD AthlonII x3 425, 2x2 gig OCZ Platinum ddr2-800, with the MSI N240GT with 512mb GDDR5, running Windows XP. I'm running it with a 500W OCZ Modstream PSU, which should be more than plenty.

Anyway, every time I try to run 3D graphics (be it a game, or a benchmark suite, etc.) it gives me a "nv4_disp has stopped working properly" error message and tells me I need to restart my computer to get it functioning properly again.
I've tried 4 different versions of the drivers: the latest released version (196.21), the latest beta driver (196.34) as well as the previous released version (195.62) and finally the version from the CD that came with the graphics card.
I've been watching temps (I think the max I've seen for the GPU is mid 40's C). I've re-seated the graphics card and RAM, Ive stress tested CPU, RAM etc. I even ran a full computer benchmark suite and every test was solid except the 3d graphics where the driver stopped working. I've done some searching online as well, and have found nothing recently that is really similar. Anyone have ideas of things to try before I RMA the GPU?

<edit> I have also already disabled the onboard GPU in the BIOS. This is a clean install of WinXP Pro, and has never seen any ATI drivers of any sort.
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  1. Anyone got anything?
  2. Try uninstalling the card and reinstalling it with new drivers.
  3. Done (see my original post)
  4. uhm, send a email to MSI or call tech support is all i can tell you :/
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    Have you tried manually deleting the file?
  6. yeah- deleted, uninstalled and reinstalled a different version of the drivers. threw in my old 7300 GT and everything worked like a charm, though slow. I started the process of an RMA through Newegg.
  7. Fair 'nuff, I hope it goes well and they sort you a good 'un.
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