New motherboard performance problems

i built a asus p5nd 750i sli motherboard, a gts 250, 250 gb hd, 600w psu, 2 gigs kingston ram and an intel pentium d dual core cpu 2.80 ghz.

after a fresh install of windows 7 32bit and all the drivers and bios updates the pc began to ran slow and the temperature of the cpu and the motherboard are both 50 degrees Celsius. its really hot, when i touch the mb heat sink it feels really hot.

Also when streaming videos the download was good but the playback was terrible. Every second it sticks so there is never smothe playtime always sticking.

What do i do? will a clean install of windows fix the problem or how do i lower the temperature of the mb(already tried installing an extra fan).
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  1. Were you using a different OS before windows 7 ? If so,then revert back to it and check if you still have slow-down problems.
  2. Zipzoomflyhigh: yes i did. after i built it a formatted the hard drive and installed windows 7.

    why is the asus pn5d 750i mb heating up so much. the heatsink is really really hot?
  3. zipzoomfly: Did all of the above and the bios installed was an older version so the bios update was supposed to be done. if i try a fresh install of windows 7 and i take out the heatsink for the processor and the heatsink for the mb itself and apply thermal paste on both of them. will this solve the problem?
  4. yes i installed all windows updates.

    got the latest graphics driver for my card as well as nvidia physx and 3d graphics drivers

    yes both the mb chipset drivers and the lan drivers were installed

    graphics card is regognised and it says the device is functioning properly.
  5. Quote:
    You don't do a bios update just because there's a new one out.......only if your having a specific problem that a new bios update fixes.

    You failed to answer the rest of my questions so I can't help you.

    I do a BIOS update if the new update description has the words "increase stability", "increase compatibility", "increase performance" or similar expressions in it.

    That should not do any harm as long as you take precautions such as using a UPS against electrical disturbance. If BIOS companies work hard and take the time to write new code, it should not be wise to not benefit from this work.
  6. Thank you very much for the clarification. Frankly speaking, I have not had any issues with the board since I bought it. It ( Asus P7P55D ) came with BIOS version 0403. Now my BIOS version is 1702. I updated several times before reaching 1702.

    I wish BIOS mfgs had better descriptions in their updates than simply "improve compatibility, stability, performance, etc." wordings. So we knew if an update really is in our benefit.
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