EVGA GTX560 first OC

So after saying to myself I dont want to overclock anything.....

I have caught the bug and I want to improve my GTX560 once I get my new CPU.

So how far has anyone pushed the card and do any of you have any tips on doing my first overclock?

I have looked for other GTX560 threads but couldnt find any.

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  1. I used MSI Afterburner for both of my 560's.

    Don't bother with memory OC until after you get your core closk where you want it. Stay below 1.050v for 24/7 use. And if temps get too high, try using the custom fan profile. It helps a lot.

    I was able to get 960-ish with a single card, but when I went SLI, I had to add more voltage than I wanted, so I backed them down to 860 at stock voltage. (0.975v)
  2. Thanks,

    Will you be able so simplify that for me? I am am trying to learn the basics to start of with.

  3. Download MSI afterburner and Kombustor. Then run afterburner and adjust your core clock about 20 or 30 mhz at a time and test after each bump in core clock speed.

    Run Kombustor to test and watch temps.

    After you hit the "wall" where your card starts "crashing" or showing artifacts, back of 20 mhz or ad a little voltage.

    If you want to play it safe, don't change your voltage and watch your temps.

    Increasing voltage increases risk of card damage, but you can still do damage with high temps regardless of voltage.
  4. Thanks.
    Just another thing quickly. at 100% Load my GPU hits around 50C. Is this ok?
  5. That's great actually.
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