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I'm planning a new build using a SSD for W7 and Office with everything else on the HD. Quick question on which ATA connector to use for the respective devices. Should the SSD be on the first ATA connector on the MB with the HD on the second? Does it make any difference performance wise or from a practical sense?
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    You can put it wherever you want because you set the boot priority in your bios.

    I would put it on the first as it keeps things easy and simple - in case one day you forget it is the second boot device....good luck
  2. Best to place them in same order they are numbered ...and I assume you mean SATA connectors.
  3. Yes, SATA ports and I will use them in sequence, the question is if it will make any difference if SSD goes in 1, HD in 2 or SSD in 2 and HD in 1.
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