Wish OS should i get 32/64bit for gaming

Wish OS is best for gaming nowdays, XP,VISTA or WIN7. and should I go for 32 bit or 64 bit versions?
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  1. Despite rumor, XP still holds a slight lead .... but it's ancient and does not support DX11. At this point Win7-64 is the way to go.
  2. I recently had a nightmare of a time getting Mass Effect 2 to work on Win7 64 bit. Finally they put out a patch for the game that fixed the problem but win7 is still new enough that games are going to have problems with it.

    Just my two cents
  3. o.O Wat ME2 issue was that? If it's the install insure should have gotten it off impulse. They e-mailed me a fix b4 I even got home (about 2 hrs after launch)!
  4. Maybe it would be a good idea making a small partition for XP incase troubles.
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