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I purchased an ION Profile LP recorder that came with "demo" software for a program I don't use. All I need is the USB Audio Driver that's ASIO4ALL compatible. It ought to be "free" and not subject to any licence fee.
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  1. You need to install the software; that will install the driver.
  2. Um, yeah, I realise that! I did, but there's a price tag of US$29.95 on the DEMO software that I am not willing to pay! So I am searching for a freeware USB driver that isn't going to cost me hundreds of my currency just for the pleasure of using a USB driver!
  3. OK, but after you install the demo software, which should also install the driver, you do not need to ever run the demo software again. You should be able to record from the recorder as an audio device.
  4. SHOULD, but the demo software's driver has a BEEP every 30 seconds.
  5. Nice!

    Note to self: Do not EVER purchase an ION Profile LP Recorder. . .
  6. Reply to forum, the reason the topic is no longer active is because the question has yet to be answered. It appears NO ONE knows from where the USB Audio CODEC for Windows XP is obtainable without charge. Plenty people wanting to sell one for US$29.95 but no one knows from where to simply download it.
  7. THERE IS NO "BEST ANSWER" - not even Microsoft can answer this question!
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