My cpu temperatures sound about right for config?

I have just bought a phenom ii 965, and i bought a corsair h60. I have just installed it using the pre-applied thermal paste from the corsair h60, i have a micro atx cooler master elite 342 case and i have installed the water cooler at the front. My temperatures are 53 degrees celsius while playing bad company 2. Does this sound about right, or average for people with this level processor and cpu cooler? It's not overclocked it's on stock frequency. I think it may be unfortunate that i have installed it on the front because it blows hot air to my graphics card, but fortunate than installing it on back because it pulls in true fresh air from the front of the case, not from the back near the power supply and rear case fan pushing out hot air.
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  1. Those are relatively normal temps...what about load temps using Prime95? Also, the air coming through your radiator isn't going to be that it's not going to be heating up your GPU. If you have good case airflow, you likely wouldn't notice any change in GPU temps from normal.
  2. Those temps sound good to me. Ideally you do want fresh air coming across your radiator, but many people mount them on the rear of the case with a lot of success. Is your graphics card running too hot? You may want to try both locations to see what the temperature difference actually is.
  3. 53 .c is load playing battlefield bad com 2. I just played multiplayer for about 5-15 mins and it crashed. I heard my gpu fan going loud. I use cpuid hardware monitor, and i did see my gpu going near 81 degrees. I have an Asus 6850. I would have thought possibly with the radiator being at the top and back of the case, you would have been getting hot air from the graphics card, especially if it is one that dissipates heat into the case. The hot air rises and goes towards psu and rear case fan or out the back of the gpu pci grill. So i thought, my case not being able to put cooler at back, that putting it in front will allow the radiator to take in only fresh air, counting as a positive factor; because it's coming in straight from the front panel. But the negative is for the gpu, because the fan is blowing at the radiator which heats up in front of the gpu. But since my case is small, could the radiator actually be getting hotter than if it were in a bigger case because of turbulence?

    I don't know what's causing the crash whether its the gpu or cpu. But i don't think its going near 90. When i read the temps 81 max for gpu that was when i was playing single player, with lots of ai in it. I wonder if multiplayer had heated it up more?
  4. 80C temps for a GPU are well within normal range...its not over-heating.

    Like I mentioned before, your radiator isn't discharging 'HOT' air into the case...just put your hand behind's likely not even luke-warm air.

    Simple test- Open the side of your case and blow a house box fan or desk fan on HIGH into the side of your case. If temps remain the same but you still have crashing, you have a software or hardware problem.

    If temps go down and crashing stops, you have an airflow or cooler problem.
  5. I also have to mention that i downloaded MSI afterburner not to overclock, but for the FPS capper that it has. Why is there vertical sync when you can just cap frame rate instead, and it works for all games. What this has to do in relation to the problem is that i saw in the settings that there is "enable low level hardware access interface" and i put my mouse cursor over it and read that it can cause instability issues with bad company 2 and other badly designed applications. I also tried R65 Vegas, and that also went crashy. I've disabled this option and will see what effect this has on games.
  6. still crashy
  7. I would have done the radiator differently, but I have a lot of airflow from the front of the case.
  8. ittimjones said:
    I would have done the radiator differently, but I have a lot of airflow from the front of the case.

    Sorry i don't quite understand, you're saying that you have put the radiator at the front or back of the case? Or the fan blowing from in to outside of the case?
  9. Coolest air is always best for radiators, regardless of how you have air flowing through your case. If you have good, overall case airflow, this shouldn't be much of an issue.
  10. if i do a stress test on occt, and then furmark and then memtest, i should be able to figure out which piece is facing problems, shouldn't I? The sudden long continuous pauses was happening in bad com 2 and r6 5 vegas, and no doubt other games, i should see something happening during stress test, i think.
  11. on OCCT i'm getting 57-58 degrees (celsius always) with the case lid on and off. To me this temperature doesn't sound good. As time goes by should the load temperature decrease as i have just installed the cpu and cooler, they're both brand new, because the thermal paste will adjust to the processor?

    But i'm pleased to see case lid on or off make's no difference, micro atx case with full atx case cooling performance.

    But i can see it's not the cpu that is causing sudden pauses, but is this a valid statement, because i'm not on the game, just stress testing.
  12. 57-58 C during load testing on a CPU is pretty common, so I wouldn't be concerned there.

    What graphics card are you running and what are the load temps on it?
  13. i told earlier asus 6850. I am going to perform a furmark stress test on it soon. It's because i upgraded from a phenom ii 720, saw that AMD max stated temps were 72, and for phenom 4 was 62, or 70 was it? Lol so my phenom ii x3 with a Coolermaster tx3 (92 mm fan because my case isn't wide enough), was getting around 47 i think max temps. So this for me is a massive step up, including the use water cooling (regarding temperature monitoring). It would have probably been higher had i still used cooler master tx3 to cool this cpu.
  14. My fault... I missed that.
  15. i am now doing gpu stress test, and this web page, other windows seem a bit laggy. In my games though it was pausing completely for about 5-15 seconds and going on. But just because it is a bit laggy here, is that to suggest that it is the gpu that is facing problems? Or is doing these tests invalid? Because neither my cpu or gpu are overclocked, or have faced problems. I wonder if it has anything to do with MSI afterburner, i exited it, played the game, still crashy. Do i need to uninstall it to properly see if that is the fault? Oh and when i exited MSI ... i also quit it from the icon on the desktop notification area as well
  16. it's not crashing anymore, all my gpu was overclocked was by 10mhz, core clock to get 800 lol from 790. I took it off msi and just left it on AT overdrive and its fine, i'm sure MSI Afterburner is not fully compatible with AMD cards, i was encouraged to downlaod it for FPS capper.

    No actually the problem is ASUS Xonar DG's DX mode has to be turned off.
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