Is this PSU good enough to run a XFX 9800GT


I bought a Brand new power supply from ASUS but without any thoughts of putting a XFX 9800GT in my system. So, i want some advice on my current PSU. Here is what it says on the sticker

+5V = 21A
+3.3V = 21A
+12V1 = 15A
+12V2 = 14A
-12V = 0.3A
=5Vsb = 2.5A

Currently I am running a 9500GT, a Pentium D 2.8, 2GB of DRR2 ram and a Single Sata HDD. Now i plan to replace my 9500 with 9600 or 9800. Can my PSU handle it thanks
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    If you have at least a 300W PSU, then that should be fine.
  2. By the looks of it, its a Quality PSU, thats why i bought it. And yes it says. 350Watt, and 400Watt Max
  3. And one more thing. I am little bit confused as to what component i should upgrade first as I am on a limited budget. Should i go for a Core2Duo or a 9800GT. My intention is to play Games. I can only upgrade only one of the 2. Please advise me on this. Thank you.
  4. Upgrading your graphics card will give you a much better boost then upgrading your CPU, not sure how good a pentium D but nonetheless a GPU upgrade is more likely to give you better frames, depends how quickly the pentium D gets bottlenecked
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  6. If you play at high resolutions (ie. 1680x1050 or higher) with a lot of eye candy on, you will hit a GPU bottleneck before you even max out the CPU. Also, it doesn't make a lot of sense to upgrade from a dual core to another dual core. Maybe get a Q9550 in the future, if your motherboard supports it.
  7. Thanks, this cleared out a lot of things for me. Yes i have a 20inch Viewsonic LCD. And i want to play games at 1600x900 resolution. Thanks for your answer.
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