Cannot Defrag Hard Drive

I have a Dell Optiplex GX520 with Windows XP Professional installed and I'm trying to defrag the hard drive but it is not allowing me to. Whenever I try, I will get the following message:

"The Disk Defragmenter is not installed on your computer. To install it, double-click the Add or Remove Programs icon in Control Panel, click the Install/Uninstall tab, and then follow the instructions on your screen"

I went to the Control Panel and clicked the Add/Remove programs icon but there was not install/uninstall tab there. This computer is on a network and still has the original operating system that it was purchased with. No CD was included in the package when it came so using it's cd is not an option.

Any suggestions will be welcomed.
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  1. It might be under add/remove windows components. If not, give defraggler a try. It's free and seems to do well.
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