9400 GT PCI on 3rd monitor - painfully slow scrolling

I am trying to run 3 monitors. My two primary monitors are run via my 8800 GTS 512. My third monitor is being run via a brand new 9400 GT PCI. The 9400 is a replacement for a 6200 PCI, which was generating a lot of lock-ups.

The issue is that the 9400 is painfully slow when it comes to scrolling a window. It feels very laggy. As an example, it takes me fully 3 seconds to scroll from the top to the bottom of this relatively short browser screen, while it's instantaneous on my 8800 GTS. The refresh is WAY behind my mouse.

Now, I know a 9400 PCI is not going to be a speed-demon, but I'm not playing Crysis here. The 6200 (a slower, less powerful card) behaved smoothly--it just froze all the bloomin time. Clearly there is something wrong here.

Disabling Aero effects had zero impact on this behavior. I also uninstalled all Nvidia drivers, reinstalled the latest, etc.

The 9400 feels generally slow when moving windows around. I just tried loading up a web-resolution graphic in Photoshop CS4 and moving that around around is like a slide show.

The card is registering properly in the Nvidia control panel and shows up in my device manager as well.

Any tips? I thought it'd be relatively simple to drive this 3rd monitor, and it's killing me and my wallet.
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  1. An update .... after some more fiddling, it turns out that turning off Aero does have an impact. Not sure why it didn't help the first time.

    Scrolling is still not smooth, but it's livable.

    I do wonder, however, if there's some issue with my PCI slot settings that is hampering the speed of this card. I know that a PCI card is going to be limited, but shouldn't it be able to run Aero at a minimum? I've seen some pretty crappy laptops with integrated graphics that run Aero just fine.

    Anything in bios I should be looking at? Would going to VGA instead of DVI make any sort of difference?
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