What to do with old PC cases and PSUs?


I have a bit of a problem. I have two excellent PC cases in working condition and two excellent PSUs that I have no need for and absolutely want to get rid of. They have all been used for more than 1 to 2 years and I will be grabbing a new case (a silverstone FT02) pretty soon.

I have no interest in selling my old cases or PSU (though that would be nice, but probably not worth the hassle), nor interest in recycling them into builds. I have no one who needs a case or PSU, and simply want to get rid of them all. What is the best and enviromentally friendly way to deal with old PC cases and old PSUs?

Thanks for the time and responses.
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  1. What are the two cases, and two PSUs?
    I'm thinking eBay - $1 start/reserve, win/win situation - you get a bit of money depending on how high the auction goes, and the parts go to somebody who needs them.
  2. A silverstone FT01 and a NZXT hush. The psus are an enermax modu 82+ 625W psu and a corsair HX750 PSU. Not terrible parts, but nothing that will sell like hotcakes. Everything is in good shape; I just tend to make impulse buys when something is running too hot or too loud.

    The problem with ebay is, mailing a PSU or case out will probably cost more than its worth. Those things are heavy and places like newegg and tigerdirect get amazing discounts from UPS that the average buyer doesn't. I may end up actually losing money in the process (ie i get 30 dollars in the auction and it costs me 50 dollars to ship it out)
  3. You can always drop them outside PC stores with notes "Free. Just pick up & Go"
    I bet some PC shoppers will be more than happy to take it off your hand.

    If I am in the US, I will PM you about your address and pick them up if you are not too far. Those parts are better than my main rig's case and PSU.
    I envy anyone who will get it.
  4. Your local scrappy will most likely take the cases (steel / aluminium) and also the PSU's to recycle the copper wire in them.

    My own company does this on a regular basis.
  5. Hey how much u willing to sell either PSU ??? , COz AUS price for one of those is really high especiall if u consider the almost 1/1 exchange rate ^.^
  6. Take them to the local Goodwill...
  7. An HX750 is an impulse buy? :)
  8. On ebay the buyer pays the shipping+final price unless you specify otherwise. There is no way shipping that case will cost more then $30 if that. And the PSU usps has flat rate boxes it will fit in and ship for around $10.
  9. eBay or Goodwill are my suggestions.... One you get some cash back and the other you get the satisfaction knowing you are helping someone out. :)
  11. I would keep an extra PSU around just for testing purposes when another rig goes down. Both those PSU's are top end PSU's. A posting on Craig's list should get you 20 - 30 offers in a couple of hours.

    In addition, there are numerous local volunteer organizations that biod PC's for those w/ health or income issues.....my guess however is that units of those quality would wind up in the volunteer's PC's.
  12. I will craigslist the NZXT hush and the enermax PSU. I'll hang on to the corsair and the silverstone for about 2 more weeks then I guess I'll craigslist them too depending on the response from the first sale.

    I'll also look into shipping prices for a PSU. If its under 20 bucks, sure I guess I could ebay them.

    Thanks for the ideas.
  13. can i buY corsair PLZ :`( shipping to aus Check pric eplz
  14. Hey, so yeah my corsair HX750W, enermax 625W modu82+, nzxt hush case and silverstone ft01 case are up for sale. If anyone needs any of those parts and wants to make an offer for them, please send me a PM and I'm sure we can work something out. I can provide pics of all parts and outside of maybe a little dust, they have all been very well maintained. Heck the HX750W is only 1.5 months old, maybe 2 months now.

    I am also in the process of listing them on ebay. Thanks for the info guys.
  15. zhemin said:
    can i buY corsair PLZ :`( shipping to aus Check pric eplz

    Hi, i"m selling the corsair HX750W. Make me an offer if you're interested. Cheers
  16. marcellis22 said:
    Take them to the local Goodwill...

    I don't know if Goodwill would even want computer parts? The one near me won't even accept CRT screens anymore.


    The problem with using eBay is that you get international scammers wasting your time, and there's shipping costs involved for anyone who isn't local. Shipping is time & hassle for you.

    If there's a Craigslist or Freecycle chapter in your area you can give them away that way.
    On Craigslist you can sell it, but the Freecycle rule is that anything you list is to give away,,, you can't charge for it.
    Freecycle is a Yahoo group; you join the local one for your area.
    There's ALWAYS people on my local Freecycle group who are looking for functional computer parts.
  17. Any computer parts I set on my curb are gone the next morning.
  18. Freecycle. The taker comes to you.
  19. doive1231 said:
    Freecycle. The taker comes to you.

    Besides being an easy way to get rid of your junk easily, Freecycle is a charming circus of human nature.

    People get on there and ask for free cars, free everything! :lol:

    "I need a TV, but needs to be at least 27 inch" --I guess they got bad eyesight or something??? Maybe ask for any TV and a pair of reading glasses instead. :pt1cable:

    Kids on there asking for video game consoles--and not old ones, but new ones... "I need a Xbox360",,, "I need a PS3" ,,, :na: yea whatever kid.
  20. how much do you want for the corsair 750HX and where are you located in the US?
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