Dual Monitor Options

HP Pavillion a6089i
Geforce 7300 LE
XP Pro.
HP w1907 19" (1440/900)

Hello everyone,
I'm looking to add a second monitor to my pc but my 7300le only has one output (DVI).
I was originally looking at a USB/DVI adapter but have found its actually cheaper buy a dual output
card. I've seen a Gigabyte 9400GT/512 with dual dvi at a very affordable price but after reading up
on it it sounds a bit of a dog. I am not a gamer btw apart from web-based flash games (young son!)
Its strictly WP/photo/video playback and encoding etc.
Would this card suite my needs or is there a better/cheaper alternative?

Many thanks,

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    a 4350 for 50 USD will work just as well

    how much is the 9400 costing you?
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    While the 9400GT is a dog, it is still much better than the 7300LE which was a dog in it's day.

    It will suit you fine.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys.
    Yesterday I came across an Asus HD4550/512 for virtually the same price as the 9400GT
    (both around $50). From what I read that's the better of the two. Would you concur?

  4. the 4550 is better
  5. What about different manufacturers? Asus,Gigabyte,MSI,HIS etc.
    Is there a clear leader amongst them?
    Or any that should be avoided?
  6. XFX has the best warranty i have heard
  7. Upendra09 said:
    XFX has the best warranty i have heard

    It varies from country to country...

    Best thing to do is to read the warranty which applies to the country you are in.

    In the US, it is amongst the best.
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