$9.99 Dual Socket 940 motherboard, what could I do with it?

Here's a link to a dual-socket Socket 940 motherboard for $9.99

It's got me thinking, what could a person do with a cheap 940 motherboard and enough Ebay parts to build a machine with it?

Would something like this be worth a crap as a home PC? (I mean that in a just-for-the-hell-of-it kind of way) I don't know much about server hardware, so anything you all could tell me would be helpful.
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  1. Lol, if you could get cheap Athlon FX-51s (some shops down here sell them new for like $100 USD), then you could build an incredibly outdated server or just have fun with it. Just get a pair of Opteron 200 CPUs, and knock yourself out with your six or seven year old server flagship computer, which unfortunately, wouldn't be able to play Crysis.\

    Lol, DDR RAM.
  2. yay for outdated hardware!

    Thanks for the reply, Lmeow.
  3. makes a good target if you have an air rifle or better still a shot gun
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