$90 and below WC or Noctua D14?

I have a new build set up (not purchased yet) and was wondering, would a high end air cooler beat water cooling for the same value? If not, then it would be greatly appreciated if you gave me a few models for my budget or $90 (probably won't be the best, but if its performance is a decent margin better, then I will go with it).
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    Less than $130, go with a good aircooler unless you want a closed loop cooler to say you have it...otherwise, they perform about as well as good air cooling.

    Tip: closed loop coolers like Corsair H-series aren't typically considered 'watercooling' but use the same general principles.
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  3. Alright, looks like I am sticking with my D-14! Anyway, I like my case fan mounts to be open as to allow for upgrades in the future.

    Thanks! :hello:
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