Problem with 3Gb/s ports on P5Q SE2 ?

i have 2 SATA hard drives, want to have 3Gb/s connection. Before I had P5Q and possibility to organize 2 HD in one with double (3 Gb/s) speed. New MB (SE2) has no Sil5723 controller but manual stats it's possible. So, how to do it ?
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  1. ^ I had to read this a couple of times, it seems that you are suggesting to RAID 0 the (2) drives, first to avoid problems I STRONGLY recomend: 1. the HDDs are the same EXACT model, and 2. that you have a third drive to back-up the data.

    RAID 0 though fast is as good as BOTH HDDs; meaning a RAID 0 stripes the data across the (2) HDDs - HDD_1 = 0's & HDD_2 = 1's and if EITHER HDD FAILS then you have nothing left and the data cannot be salvaged - ever! {1/2 Data = 0 Data}

    That said, in your case, you would need to first purchase a RAID controller <or> replace your MOBO. I checked as linked below and your P5Q SE2 does not mention having onboard RAID.

    P5Q SE2 -

    A RAID Controller card will cost more than your MOBO.

    I hope this answers your question.
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