Antec 902 or HAF 922?

Hello everyone :)

I'm certanly buying a new case. My old one have shitty ventilation and keeps my build on too high temps.

My build:

Coolermaster Centurion (all i know about my current case, cant find it anyware on google :( )
Corsair TX 650W PSU
Gigabyte MA770T-UD3P Motherboard
ATI Radeon HD 4890 Sapphire Vapor-X 2BG GPU OC'd to 1050 MHz Mem Clock and 900 GPU clock
Amd Phenom II x3 720 BE CPU 2.8 GHZ OC'd to 3.0 GHZ (no voltage tweak)
Crucial DDR3 BallistiX 1333MHz 2GB x2 (i got 4gig mem) CL7-7-7-24
Samsung Spinpoint Sata 400GB HDD (yes i know i will buy a new bigger one! :P)
A Samsing DVD Burner that says Super Masterwriter ??

All is watched over by Windows 7 ultimate x64

My Temps: (Idle)

Monitor Software i use is SpeedFan and Catalyst Control Center for my GPU

Temp1 (speedfan) think it's my HDD, i aint sure: 39 Degrees
GPU (CCC): 62 Degrees O.O
Temp3 (Speedfan) think this is fake since it always shows the same temp: 79 degrees
Core (speedfan) why can i only see 1 core of 3?: 45 degrees


While stresstesting my CPU is about 69 degrees which according to me is too high. The other temps stay at approx the same as before.

While running high preformance games like BF BC2 on highest graphs my Temp2 Goes up to 70 degrees sometimes, this is what worries me the most.

I am buying a new GPU cooler, i'm thinking Zalman CNPS9500LED CPU Cooler.

But first i am switching my old case out. I'm thinking either a Antec 902 or a Coolermaster HAF 922 miditowers. I've also looked into Coolermaster Storm Scout Midi and a more expensive alternative (which seems freaking awsome on 3dGameman's review) Antec P193 Case.
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  1. BTW i freaking love Antec's removable dustfilters. It's such an awsome solution and i dont understand why Coolermaster HAF dont come with any dustfilters at the intake fans.
  2. As said, the Antec has nice dust filters.

    On the other hand, the HAF LED's can be switched off, which is impossible on the 902 and it has frontal dust filters (but not on the side fans).

    Essentially, it all boils down to which you think looks best, as cooling performance and price are highly similar.
  3. I like the bad-ass look on the HAF case but i also like the window on the Antec. The Antec is more of a classy look with the window and all. But you said no led switches? :/ i sleep with my comp on and that can be disturbing. Since i am an electrician i guess i could make my own LED power swich button but still.
  4. the cable management on the 922 is super and so is it's airflow. You can fit perhaps any size video card too. I have the 922 and love it. Only downfall it has "IMO" is the somewhat flimsy HD mounting brackets :(
    Other than that I still love it.
  5. ^ okay i got a full size GPU so that's pretty valuable information :) thx
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