GBs v. Latency ??

I am a bit confused in my reading. Maybe someone could advise?

On the whole, for gaming PCs (MS Flight Simulator to be specific, FS9 and FSX) am I better off (performance-wise, I mean!) installing (on a Giga-Byte GA-X58A-UD3R Motherboard + i7-950 CPU, GTX460 GPU) 12GBs (2x6GB packs) of this (DDR3 PC3-8500):

or ('only') 6GBs (2x3GB packs) of this high performance RAM (DDR3 PC3-12800):

I am not up to paying over £200 for the RAM, so 12GBs of the latter would be a bit over the top.. (could always add it later).

OS is Windows 7 64-bit..


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  1. I think that 12GB of random acess memory is unnecessary because your pc and games will never need 12GB of ram unless after 4 years. I suggest that you buy 6GB of DDR3 PC3-12800 RAM. (Quality is always better than quantity :) ).
  2. That was my (humble) opinion too!

  3. Hi martinlest and welcome to THG.

    Always is better timings plus speed that amount of RAM. Crucial is an excellent manufacturer and I'd go with 6GB Crucial Ballistix Tracer currently I have a very similar kit with my rig and ware awesome.

    U only need 12GB if u work with many Adobe applications at the same time.
  4. Yes, I am sure you are right. I can't see even FSX using anywhere near 12GBs of RAM..


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