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:fou: Well my 9800gtx just died RIP i am going to waite for the new video cards to come out but i need a temp card just so i can play left 4 dead 2

I picked up an used bfg 7900gs oc 256mb but can't run left 4dead 2 with out lag, this is the setting that i tried to play at 1280x960 and AA at 2X but the dam 7900 can't even play at those settings, i half to not use AA to get good fps but still laggy and looks like crap so i was thinking some of these cards because they are cheap let me know if any of these cards are faster then the 7900gs oc 256

like i said i don't want to spend much really at this time so would any of these be faster then what i have right now and will it like me play at 1280x960 with 2AA at leat or 4AA
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  1. Just go for a Radeon 4650 HD
    for $50
    Will play every game at that resolution
    Games at maximum settings >>>>>> Games at minimum settings
    at 1280x960
  2. so it's faster then the 7900gs oc, and is the 4650 faster then the Radeon X1950 PRO , i just want to be able to play with aa on at least 2x or 4x with out lag
  3. dump the 2x aa and it might just work

    why not just buy a 5850?
  4. Yes,
    Radeon 4650 is faster than those cards
    I own one and I am pretty happy with its performance at 1280x1024
    Plays all modern games maximized at 1280x1024
    CRYSIS runs on medium with 2x AA
    In Modern Warefare 2,
    I have all settings maximized with 4x AA.
    Same goes for Batman: Arkham Asylum, Assassins Creed, Prototype, Left 4 Dead 2, AirBourne, FarCry, BioShock, Fallout 3......
    (these are the only ones i can remember yet)
  5. Your card should be in the warranty period....
  6. i lost the sales receipt so evga said no dice, also what settings do you half left 4 dead 2 at, and whats the diff from 64bit higher 4650 :o i could buy one of those new ati cards but rather wait for the new geforce cards, i stay away from ati because when you install them :fou: you end up looseing the onboard sound that happened with my friend he had an 4350.
  7. I have finished Left 4 Dead 2 with maximum settings and 4x AA
  8. how dose the 9500gt fair next to the 4650
  9. 4650 hd clearly dominates 9500 gt
  10. 4650 is better by some margin.
    Why don't you get a Hd 4670?
  11. i am going to get the 4650 but what brand is POWERCOLOR any good and how about HIS i thinking HIS but not sure :bounce:
  12. go for it :fou:
  13. I just brought asus Radeon HD 4650 512MB 64-bit DDR2 is the 64bit ddr2 going to be a problom :sleep:
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