System upgradation for 3d max rendering

I have facing some slow rendering with my PC..
I am doing some 3dmax rendering works..My pc config..Q9550 , intel classic series motherboard,8gb 800rpm zeon ram, 500gb sata Hd and fx1800 quadro graphics card..i spent a lot of money to build this system...

pls help me guys...its seriously affecting my works...very slow in rendering...what changes I have took an economical way...Thanks in advance..
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  1. If 3-D max is your thing, u shud have gone with an i-7 atleast. the HT enabled processors would have been the best bet.

    processing power is paramount in rendering. unfortunately u probably cannot even overclock your processor, since i don't think itz an option on your motherboard.

    the best thing wud b to ditch your system (except for the quadro fx1800, ofcourse), n build an i7 based.
  2. here's a comparo between the base i7 & the Q9550
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