Is this a good overclock?

I have managed to overclock my i5 3570k to 4.2ghz on stock cooler. The voltage is at 1.065 and i reach no higher than 70* Celsius can anyone give me some feedback on this it would be amazing! Thanks
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  1. Still a bit high. Don't even try over clocking without an aftermarket cooler. You will mess up your CPU.

    Great cheap cooler:
  2. Temps dont exeed 60* on full load though..
  3. Im running mine at 4.8ghz, 1.46v at about 68c with a thermaltake water 2.0 extreme. From what I've read you dont want to exceed 90c, even tho I would never let mine get that hot.
  4. I have a I5 3570k & Finally got it Overclocked to 3.2ghz to 4.2ghz on Stock Voltage!!! I wouldnt Use Stock Heatsink to Overclock your CPU its Bad for it :/ I Recommend getting a Hyper Evo 212 or Water Cooling to keep your Temps down you can OC more!!
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