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I'm trying to install XP with a USB, but first I'm setting it up correctly in the BIOS because I get the blinking underscore when I try to boot with it in the Boot Menu when I press F12 and the Dell Boot Screen.

So, in Hard Drisk Drive Sequence, it's set to "USB Device" as 1. (So It should boot from that?) And in Boot Sequence, only 1. Hard Disk Drive C:, 2. CD-ROM Device and 3. Diskette Drive show up, not my USB but it's plugged in and being recongnized in the Hard-Disk Drive Sequence, so how do I do this?

Please help, very frustrated..
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  1. Plug in bootable USB and press boot menu button, might be F9, on startup. Change boot order to USB and press Enter. It will show a black screen and start booting. It will show, Press any key to continue.
  2. Well, on my Dell Dimension 4600, the BIOS is A10 and the latest is A12 (I can't download it because of it's EXE and I have no working OS yet). And when I do F12 for the Boot Menu my USB shows up on there, along with my CD-ROM device and my Hard Disk, but when I press Enter to boot from the Flash Drive, the Underscore shows up and just hangs and hangs, eventually I just turn my computer off.
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