Why is alienware good

I'm Leon can you help me?
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  1. The better question... Who said Alienware is good??

    I do have to agree, I like the looks of some of their cases and their laptops, but I'll take a PC I build for myself over an Alienware PC any day of the week.
  2. It isn't, Alienware is a premium custom computer company but is not the best in that price range.

    Velocity Micro is a better company and they tend to charge about the same. Falcon-North West is the absolute best custom PC designer, but you pay for it.

    If you want to get more performance for your dollar, iBuyPower and CyberpowerPC build excellent computer for the money, thought their support is a bit more of a hassle.

    If you want to do the ultimate smart thing, research how to build your own. Buy the parts yourself and take it carefully. Getting into computer building isn't that hard, though it takes awhile to master it, so you should be ready with in a week or so if you research pretty hard. If you are interested, look up guides on Youtube and ask questions on here. It really is the best way to get the most performance for your money.
  3. Alienware those not have good prices.
  4. Velocity Micro is better, and Cyberpower (by abusing some of the pre-made models) can make the same builds for a few hundred less. Digital Storm offers better customization. Etc.

    Of all the custom PC builders, Alienware might be the worst.
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