FX 8350 Prime 95 problems

Ok, so i just got my fx 8350 today, and installed it about an hour ago and a half ago. I tried OCing it to 4.2 because that is what turbo core is up to. I blend tested it, and i kept getting fatal errors. I tried to bump the vcore up a tad bit, and it didnt change anything.. So, i resorted to changing my BIOS back to default. Then i ran Prime 95 again, just to check what temps i will be dealing with on the stock heatsink. HOWEVER, even with everything stock in he BIOS, i was still getting a fatal error.... WHY?!?!?!

cores 5 and 6 were the ones that were getting errors and shutting off
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  1. Temps?
  2. Temps are good. Highest was 47
  3. well, core temps that is. That is what you have to go by when OCing fx line. I followed the same exact protocol that i used when OCing my fx 4100 and i got that stable @4.3
  4. Hmm, I tried OCing my 8350 too and I too get errors in mprime95, also turning off cores 5 and 6.
  5. When not OC, all cores churn on for many many hours without errors. The slightest OC (4100Mhz) and cores 5 and 6 eventually generate errors in mprime. At 4200 it takes less than a minute and at 4400 they bail out immediately.
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