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My Asus ul30vt-a1 is one week old. Today I turn on computer and get message "Reboot and select a proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press any key". Can't get passed this. Tapping F9 does not work, nothing changes. Opening using Express Gate results leads to same screen. Using F2 to get to settings, I see that boot priority has HDD as #1. No external drive or SDD or other media attached. What to do? I have the disc that was included with the computer; also I made the four dvd backup of system when I was first setting up. What to do?
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    Hi Darby42 and welcome to THG.

    RMA the rig to the store of manufacturer since the laptop only have 1 week old is still in warranty.
  2. ^ because this is likely a disk or disk controller failure, and you do not want to try and fix it yourself.
  3. Thanks Twoboxer and saint19 for the advice. I acted on it. To update, yesterday I phoned ASUS warranty repair service, explained the problem much as described in my original post, they agreed to send RMA, I got it and fedexed it yesterday afternoon. That's the good news, so far. Discouraging was that ASUS informed that average turn around time after they recieve the unit is 16 working days. Means, with shipping, I am looking at 4 weeks without the computer. Thanks again.
  4. Nice, I always prefer the warranty when this is available before trying to fix urself because if u do something wrong some companies use that to don't give u the warranty.
  5. My UL30VT A1 arrived back today Weds from ASUS warranty repair. I had shipped it from Fedex last Tuesday. Six days turnaround. My cost was only the Fedex box when shipping. The HD was replaced. The operating system was reinstalled back to factory status. All is good and working fine. I'm a happy customer. Thanks again to saint19 and Twoboxer for their suggestions.
  6. Your welcome, now u can enjoy ur new laptop ;)
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