Aion freezes with crossfire enabled

so heres whats going on... i have bee running Aion with a 1 hd5770 all was well for a few months i decided to try to get a little more performance by adding a second 5770 in crossfire mode.. followed install directions in my mother boards manual all and everything sets up pretty smooth aion did not show much of an improvement but whatever... after playing for a day the next day i start getting a little glitching and my audio was acting up a little so someone suggested my psu (650w) was too weak, oh and that psu was one of those old single rail psu that needed the 3-6pin jumper for vid cards... so i got an antec 850w multi rail for crossfire psu and then things got worse, when i try to load aion it goes to black screen and locks up i have to hard restart... after reconfiguring the pcie power cables it loaded up fine and played fine for 4hours now its locking up again when i try to load aion, if im not loading aion everything is fine, when i disable crossfire in ccc (v10.1) aion loads fine every time any ideas?
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  1. Tried any other games?
  2. havnt tried any other games yet...
  3. try some other games, it may just be a problem with Aion
  4. ok so i switched the cards around and got some kinda driver conflict with one so i returned it and got a different card now crossfire works loading aion but when i switch to 1920x1080 the screen has a bunch of green flashes all the time.... also my FPS is much lower than i would expect possibly no improvement over a single card at times... i get about 10 at times and then at times it jumps all the way up to 80... im having a hell of a time with this crossfire set up ={ i tried using the ati overdrive thing in ccc but that didnt help much either... am i missing something?
  5. Does CCC say that crossfire is enabled? Have you connect both the bridges?

    Tryed any other games yet?
  6. Not all games work well with CF,with some games you get better performance from a single card.You would of probably been better getting a single 5870 than 2x 5770.I run CF but when i upgrade again i wont be,to many issues and you dont really get that much of a performance boost,so may as well get the equivalemt single card,but as omgitzfatal says,try some other games,MW2 is a good one because that has a dual card option in the settings,so its optomized for more than one card.
  7. i dont really have any other games to try out right now that are very visually demanding... the best i got is wow lol and that account isnt activated... yea i should have gotten a 5870 or 5850 but i had already had a 5770 and decided to get another to see how it went... oh well next time no ideas on the flashing screen tearing i experience on 1080p i have vertical sync on full and it still tears
  8. Crossfire isn't supported by Aion, so you will see 0 performance increase by adding another 5770 to your system.
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