New setup, won't show screen with GTX275

Hey everyone! Im sorry for this to be my first post, but it wont be the last! :)

So here's the problem, I've just purchased myself a whole lot of new stuff for my computer, but now it won't show me any screen if I start it up with the new videocard.
Here are my specs:

Case: Cooler Master Elite 334
PSU: Cooler Master Real Power 520W
Motherboard: Asus M3N-HT Deluxe
RAM: 2x 1 GB DDR2 @667Mhz (some cheap brand, but RAM isn't the problem)
CPU: Phenom II 550 BE (Yes I know you can't unlock it on this mobo)
Cooler: Zalman 7000C AlCu LED
HDD: Maxtor 160 Gb (Don't know RPM etc)
GPU: Zotac GTX275
2x front bay (usb slots, cardreader, audio in/output)
DVD writer
DVD Player
OS: Windows 7 (64-bit but in 32-bit operation mode because of the RAM)

When I start up the computer without the GTX275, it's working fine. Fans run, gives me one BIOS beep (one time means no keyboard was found, this is normal), gives me acces to BIOS if I want to and starts up Windows.
However, when I put the GTX275 in, the fans run (even the GTX275 fan), it gives me one bios beep, but it doesnt show me any screen. I've connected the monitor to the motherboard and to the GTX275, but in both cases it will not show me anything. It just goes into sleep-mode.
To make sure it wasn't my PSU, I have disconnected everything you don't really need (DVD-slots, front bays, back fan), installed the GTX275 again, but it gave me the same result.

I have update BIOS to the latest version, re-installed Windows, cleared CMOS, but nothing seems to work. I have also tried to disable the onboard GPU, but BIOS only gives me two options; 'Auto' and 'Always Enabled'. Tried both, ofcourse no result...

Any ideas on this one?

P.S. There are no old drivers on this computer, so it's not that old drivers are interfering.
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  1. Oh and I just realised that some people might say 'try another monitor', but I've already tried that (with and old-school CTF monitor)
  2. Noone? :(
  3. Well, thanks for all the effort ;) I've fixed it, don't know exactly what was wrong, but its working now :) You can close this.

    For those that wonder, I connected the Digital > Analog plug to the GTX, and that to the monitor. So no digital screen, but atleast it's working ;)
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