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Ok so like many others out there i bought an SSD to upgrade from my existing HDD. my current HDD is a 500gb drive with only about half taken up, the SSD i bought was the crucial m4 64gb with the data transfer kit included. What i had planned on doing was just transferring my OS on to the new drive and making it my primary boot drive however during the process the included software (easy gig VI) stopped me because it said the destination drive was to small for the data transfer try deselecting some folders and try again. well the only folders it will allow you to deselect are your music photos documents and videos. leaving me with about 40gb of data the exceeds the parameters. I want to know if there is other software out there that will give me a more specific cloning process, or is there another way to clone only the OS on to the new drive. any links to tutorials would be much appreciated, I would also like to get this done w/o getting messy i.e not having to make a complete backup of all my files deleting them off of the current drive and then cloning the HDD to SSD just to recover all my files.
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  1. The best software for transferring your OS to the SSD is Easus Todo Backup, although I would run Ccleaner first to clean out temp files and caches. Both are freeware.
  2. Solved, i scrapped the M4 and bought an Intel 520 series 120Gb so far so good works great. After first installation the WEI score was 7.2 once i changed it to ACHI from IDE it raised to 7.7.
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