Highest and stable clocking for phenom 2 1055t with cm hyper 212 evo?

i have this specification Amd Phenom 2 1055t hexacore processor, Gigabyte 880gma usb3 motherboard,
Cooler master hyper 212 evo heatsink, 8 gb RAM (1333mhz)(umax,muskin),Hard drive 1 TB WD cav. green
and 500 GB Seagate barracuda Gtx 460 1gb ddr5 graphics card, Sony 24x dvd drive,
Zebronics 600w platinum series smps, Cooler master elite 310 cabinet with BenQ G2220HD - 22 inches Lcd moniter
so i want to ask this forum is how much and stable clocking i can do with my proccy which is good for gaming cos i play mostly games and browse and mostly downloading so best possible clock speed for my amd baby :??: :??: :??: :lol: ?
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  1. hyper 212 evo can handle 3.8-4ghz with no problem .. but i'm not sure and unfamiliar with the platinum zebronic :P
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