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Graphic related suggestion..

i have got core 2duo system 2.83GHz , asus motherboard p5gc-mx/1333MHZ , 2gb ddr2 ram , vcore volt power supply of my motherboard is 1.224 volt. i just wanna know what is the maximum memorygraphic card from nvidia i can install on my system. anything what you people suggest ..

the only criteria is,

it should be maximum memory and top end one my motherboard would support without any problem and compliblity issue and fuss.
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  1. What do you mean by maximum memory?
  2. 1 gb of video card memory..
  3. Well,
    Any motherboard would do that
    If you wanna stick to NVIDIA
    Go for
    GTS 250
    offers good performance upto 1920x1200
  4. i checked the configuration of that card . its cool but it also says it needs pci x16 2.0 support. my motherboard does it have pci x16 2.0 support . this thing is no where mentioned even at asus site ..

    this is my motherboard configuration from asus site.

    pls take a look at it..
  5. Your motherboard has a PCIe x16 slot so it can handle any video card. What will limit what card you can use is your power supply. We will need to know the brand and model and/or the specifications.
    Also your monitor's native resolution and your budget would be good to know.
  6. sir
    . i went to my bios settings and saw vcore volts was mentioned value of 1.224v ,

    actually i never checked ps before . this is all i am able to find after looking at my bios.

    could you please guide me how to check my psu. and regarding my budget i dont care because .
    i even need this for my office animation work . and you know upgrading graphic is always cheaper than buying the whole cpu set from shop.
  7. open your case and see the PSU
    there should be a sticker showing xxxW
  8. yes, you will need to take off the side of your case and look at the sticker on the side of the PSU. There should be a chart. Of most interest is the total power and also how many amps are listed for the +12v rail(s). Or just tell us the brand/model.
  9. you mean smps right. on my smps reading is ac230 volt .

    aci/p :\ voltage=230- , current 4a, and frequency is 50hz

    peak = 355w

    max 255w. and this smps is from super company. (super is the name of the company)

    and model no is psn-355pc
  10. You need to upgrade it
  11. dude i am very weak in electronics . upgrade means how. change my smps itself .

    wont it have ill effect on my motherboard .
  12. Best answer
    It wont effect anything except your performance
    Get this one
    Its awesome
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  14. thanks . now i have decided to buy nvidia 8800 ultra . 768mb . this suits me well..
  15. Why not a 5750 HD
  16. dude i wanna know..

    can we install any graphic card on a system that has pci x16 slot and video memory of 1gb .and except psu & proper ventilation there is nothing to worry at all.
  17. Yes
    The PCIe x16 slot is the best for the video cards
    The PCIe x8, x4, x1 decrease performance as the number decreases
  18. thanks . your answers are best i ever got..
  19. Thanks
  20. finally i decided the card to buy is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 275 video card after changing my psu on my p5gc-mx/133mhz motherboard chipset . the only question now strikes me is that does my motherboard support PCI-E 2.0 x16. this is something thats not even asus people have mentioned on their site .

    nvidia site says its pci 2.0 support. does my motherboard have pci 2.0 video card installation support.

    can i install this .
  21. 2.0 cards are backwards compatible so don't worry about it.
    The HD4890 offers performance similar to the GTX 275 and usually costs a lot less;
    or if you are in the UK as that last link may indicate;

    Also the HD5850 is usually not too much more expensive than the GTX 275 and is much better, uses much less power and is DX11 compatible.
  22. dude
    this gddr3 mentioned behind nvidia confuses me man . i mean . i have a system which have 2gbddr2 ram. so installing graphic with gdrr3 memory interface ?

    can you tell me whats gdrr3 mean. do i have to change my motherboard to install ddr3 ram first then graphic card with ddr3 memory interface.
  23. The type of memory on the card has nothing to do with your system ram. It doesn't matter if you have DDR2 you can still use DDR3 cards or even DDR5 like the ones I mentioned above.
  24. thanks.

    can you tell me what is meant by max component density . pls take a look at this

    does this mean i can only have max video memory upto 1024 mb of video memory..
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