Can't run 4x1GB on AV8 board

Hi folks, hoping I can get help with a hiccup here.

Was recently handed down an EVGA 7800GS and 2 sticks of Kingston KVR 1GB DDR400 for my HTPC. It currently has 2x 1GB Corsair Valueselect DDR400 installed. Both the Corsair and Kingston have advertised timings of 3-3-3-8.

Installing 2GB in slots 1+2 or 3+4 works fine. Mixing brands in that configuration makes no difference. The problem only appears when installing across all 4 slots, regardless of brand arrangement. In that event, the machine posts, boots, then will immediately report the crash of one or more startup programs, may report that Windows has recovered from an error, and will fail to connect to the wired network. Device manager in this instance will show a "WAN Miniport PPoE" device, and any attempts to reconfigure/fix the network settings have no effect, leaving the network status icon with an ! over it and no actual network connectivity. Additionally, Windows is unlikely to shut down correctly from this state.

Reverting to two sticks of memory immediately resolves this problem.

My hardware is as follows, with nothing overclocked. BIOS, Windows and all drivers are up to date.

Windows 7 Ultimate 64
ABIT AV8 motherboard
2GB Corsair Valueselect DDR400 (3-3-3-8)
AMD Opteron 165
1x Seagate 100GB IDE HD (C:)
HDA Digital X Mystique
ATi Theatre 650 Pro
2x 350W PSU (PowerMax LC-B350ATX master for motherboard and graphics, Allied A-350ATX slaved for drives and fans)

If someone can enlighten me what's wrong here, that'd be great... I've tried adjusting the DRAM settings and even set the memory back to DDR333, without any change.
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  1. What are the DDR voltages. A disparity of DRAM voltage might explain the problem.

    Please either post the links or part-numbers of the DDR.
  2. CPUID Hardware Monitor reports DDR @2.68V and DDR VTT @ 1.35V (auto setting in BIOS put it @ 2.75V/1.38V, I turned it down manually, network controller problem is still there).

    Also, machine will not post at all in 4x1GB arrangement unless brand is the same in 1+2 and 3+4. It WILL boot but with the same problems as 4x1GB if I have sticks in slots 1+4.

    The Kingston is KVR400AK2/2GR

    The Corsair is VS1GB400C3
  3. My good faith recommend is to return one of the DDRs and get the SAME kit of either; links show available. Even if you can get this stable as soon as everything gets stressed it might crash when you least expect it. Yes, you want the "same" DDR's in this case even or odd.

    If you simply want it to work regardless {2.5V/2.6V} then find the lowest stable Voltage and look at the CAS timings 3-3-3-X. I noticed an odd spec with the Kingston that the 4th set of timings is missing everywhere I looked. As for the "WAN Miniport PPoE" issue I assume it will be okay once DDR issue is resolved.

    I internal emailed @Crashman to review this post. Magical BIOS settings...

    Good Luck!
  4. Well I got a response, and the best for now is to do as I recommended {get the SAME kit of either}.

    Good Luck!
  5. I just wanted to thank you for the help and suggestions. The BIOS will onlu allow me to bring the voltage down to 2.59V, and that didn't solve things. There's no returning the DDR as it was from a parted out system; I'll just end up eBaying some 1GB sticks of either type and give the odd-branded sticks back to the person who gifted me the Kingston. Thanks again!
  6. ^There probably won't be a resolution until like/same DDR is replaced per my last post. I understand cost but I too understand the problem.

    Good Luck on eBay and the problem will be corrected as soon as correct DDR is indeed installed.

    Good Luck!
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