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hey guys im looking into buying a SSD for my computer and while i was at it i was going to pick up another 4gb of ram as its 35bucks (i already have 4).

so should i get a ssd and the ram or just the ssd? will the ram make any difference?

with the ssd i was looking into a 120/128gb and was going to get a crucial m4 as tomshw article said they were pretty good ($220) and i was looking through and the ocz agility 3's are $170 so quite a difference there.

im thinking of the ocz agility 3, but have people had troubles with them/are they good/ on par with the m4? or is it worth the extra 50 bucks for it?
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  1. Another option for you would be Samsung 830 which are reported reliable and speedy, I think the $50 for reliability is a small price to pay. If you have a 64bit OS then the extra 4GB ram is not bad idea but you will not see any performance increase unless you are running applications that need the extra ram.
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    Have all three; 2 120 gig Agillity III, 2 128 gig Curcial M4s and one 128 Gig Samsung 830.
    The Samsung 830 was bought to replace the Crappy Aggility III (Crappy, my def, others think they are fine, best thing since slice bread-LOL)
    The Agillity IIIs are cheaper for a reason: (A) they are slower, My M4s are about 60% faster. (B) trining to overcome the RIGHTLY deserved" bad press for about the first 8 Months. Yes the NEW firmware has Helped - But still DO NOT recommend.

    As to real life performance, the M4s and the 830 are Very close. Do not go by Advertized Benchmarks - look at benchmarks that provide PCMark Vantage, much closer to real life.

    As to reliability. There is a big bifference between reliability and USER problems. None of the Newer Sata III SSDs have been "verified by users" to truely state reliability. Currently reliability is questimated by (A) looking at older SSDs (ie Intel G2 has an Outstanding reliability rating - That same rating is then applied to all "new" intel SSDs. (B) manuf clames based on test which similulates usage and then extrapolated. What you can look at is user problems installing and here the SF22xx based SSDs do not have a good track record.

    Looking at the older SSDs, Intel does come out on top followed by Samsung (based on their 430 Sata II model)

    I really need a key board that can (1) type what I'm thinking - not what by fingers are hitting and (2) builtin automatic spell checker. O'well you all have to live with my short comings.
  3. My 256GB M4 has been flawless for several months. I cloned it using a product from a company called Apricorn.
  4. I had problems with my OCZ Vertex 2 (120GB). I had to return it to my vendor 2 times within warranty period.
  5. ok, i live in australia, i couldnt find too many places that sell the Samsung 830 and it looked more expensive. im sure the m4 will serve me well so ill probably go with that than, unless anyone else has news of a cheaper ssd which is roughly the same quality.

    where do you guys get your parts from if your from america because im wondering if its cheaper to just get it sent from there..
  6. RAID 0 HDDs Samsung Spin point and 1tb 10,00rpm FTW
  7. to get something shipped from the US would be around $20-30 depending on how they ship it, you would be better off just buying it locally from say pccasegear, should be about $12 express post, + it makes it easier for warranty if anything is/goes wrong with it.
  8. M4 should be just fine.
    Most of my parts I buy from newegg, but I don't think they ship overseas.
    If Australia is like England with a VAT, then in addition to shipping you get hit with the TAX.

    Check out Taiwan. A year ago I was shopping for a SATA Blue-ray Rom/DVDRW drive to replace the DVDRW drive in my Toshibia Laptop. Every place I found wanted $200 in the states. Found several sites in Taiwan that had it for $100 (USD). Ordered it and they gave free shipping and sent it by airmail - had it in a Week
  9. ok amazon had a sale on them. retail for me was 220, amazon was 160 :) needless to say i brought that puppy :P

    thanks guys
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