Acer aspire help is it my ati radeon graphics card?


i current have an acer aspire everything is stock hardware apart from my graphics card. my cpu is amd phenom quad core 9550
GPU is ati radeon 4870 dual sonic edition.
my PSU is a stock Sparkle FSP400-60THA-B/THA-B204 400W ATX12V 2.0
my problem is that i just wanna create a decent gaming rig and atm im having trouble on wat part i should change in my pc as i get noticeable lag on steam with a really old game

the only game i can run full spec smoothly is grand theft auto san andreas. do i need a better power suply please write specificly and detailed

please help
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  1. The 4870 is a powerful card that delivers great performance upto 1920x1200
    Whats your resolution?

    I dont think 400W PSU can run 4870 fine
  2. The resolution in which im gaming on is not higher then that i can ensure.

    i run both grand theft auto and stalker (the older game) at the same resolution(1440x900)
  3. Than there isn't anything wrong with 4870
    Its your PSU
    Get a 550W-600W PSU
    OCZ, Corsair, SilverStone, Antec, Thermaltek
  4. ^+1
    Can u show us the link for your PSU?
    Same as mfarrukh, 400W is just not enough...
    I believe your card(4870) needs 2x 6pin power connector from PSU...
  5. ok thanks ill upload an image right after this post
  6. It looks fine (the connected pins)

    It's your PSU
    that is not powerful enough
    Get a 500W or 550W PSU
  7. ok, thank you
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