Computer keeps crashing after barely overclocking GPU?

Hi all,

I recently got my new PC and decided to overclock it to improve performance. However, the thing is that the pc keeps crashing after barely overclocking it. I increased the core clock from 1150 to 1175 MHz and the memory clock from 1200 to 1250 MHz and just that is causing my computer to constantly crash when playing graphically demanding games such as crysis and BF3. When the computer crashes, the fan starts to spin really loudly and the audio will start stuttering and I have to manually turn off the computer and let it restart. Can anyone help me? Thanks so much.

PC specs:
MSI twin frozr iii hd 7870 OC
Cooler Master GX-550W
Intel core i5-3470
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  1. Don't overclock two variables at once.

    leave the memory alone and sort out your core clock first.
  2. +1 don't oc memory GPU :)
  3. Hi,

    I set the memory clock back to the default speed, and increased the core clock speed from 1050 MHz to 1100 MHz. However, I still experienced the crashes, even tho my temperature was really low while gaming. Could there be any other problems?
  4. Your card might need more voltage. I can't get my 7870 past 1150 core on stock voltage. Maybe your power supply isn't up to the task either.
  5. More voltage as in the core voltage setting on MSI afterburner? Do excuse my lack of knowledge; it's my first time overclocking. I'm using a 550W power supply, could that be the cause?
  6. Well every card is different and will need different voltage for an OC. If this is your first time I don't want you to damage it. You should look up a guide for your card and follow that. I mentioned the power supply because coolermaster isn't a great brand.
  7. Oh, so my limitations in overclocking are all due to the power supply? Damn, knew i should've gotten a better supply. Thanks for the help!
  8. I don't want to mislead you. Your power supply might be fine. It might not be. My two guesses would be either you card needs more voltage OR the power supply can't cut it.
  9. Forbid my intrusion but with specs like those why did you decide to OC your components?

    You already got a pretty good card and a pretty good CPU, I stand by the pratice of OC'ing only when I'm in dire need of those FPS boosts due to the hardware's old-age.

    Just a thought. :) Good luck!
  10. Isn't that GPU already factory OC'd? why are you trying to push it past its design limitations?
  11. wanderer: Alright. Thanks!

    Phantom: I OC-ed my card due to the fact that I play really demanding games on my PC and I would, as much as possible love to achieve a constant 60 fps on those games. And I from what i read up, my card is really capable of overclocking so i thought why not :-)
  12. egilbe: It's only overclocked by 50 MHz for both core clock and memory clock. And most reviewers manage to overclock it much further :-) (Not that i'm trying to overclock it as much as them)
  13. Isn't that GPU factory OC'd? It may not have much room left for more.

    LoL at the same post as mine, didn't see it.
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