Is this mobo good for overclock

hi can i overclock my q6600 to 3ghz with this mobo intel dg43rk the cooler is rosewill rcx z90-al and the psu is cooler master extreme 2 525w rest of the specs 4gb ddr3 ram evga gtx 560ti 750gb hdd and a crapy cheap case
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  1. you can't oc with this board .this board is low not for oc .. get good ocable mobo from asus/gigabyte etc
  2. how about gigabyte g41mt s2pt
  3. or ASUS P5G41T-M LX PLUS
  4. yes it can be used for OC , but you must look the PSU ( crap) and very hard oc with this board .. other choice is Asus P5Q Deluxe iP45 Socket or GA-EP45T-Extreme or 0ther i45
  5. i found an intel g45 board but didnt find and i45 board
  6. and an intel q45 mobo
  7. don't oc use intelboard ..can't find i45 just get TP45 ot EP45
  8. Q45 chipset for server operating
  9. another i havent bought the 560 ti yet but do you think the q6600 at stock speed will make a huge bottleneck or a small bottleneck like 5 to 10 framerate
  10. It depends on the resolution games and minimum oc at 3ghz it will balance in any games
  11. i play bf3 single player at 1440x900
  12. no my option for bying is amazon the only option avaliable is gigabyte g42mt s2pt and asus p5f41t mlx
  13. p5g41r mlx
  14. it's ok would no problem that 1440x900 :) .. enjoy your game
  15. wghat do you think of my mobo is it good for use without overclock
  16. yes at that resolution .. if want upgrade is get 2gen / 3 gen .. just sugesstion
  17. im upgrading next summer thnx
  18. good luck bro ..
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