Extremely high ping. HELP!


My internet has seemed very, very slow lately and I recently upgraded to the fastest cable that is offered by Cox Communications. I had no idea it was THIS bad however.

I have no idea what the problem could be, I have tested on many servers and all give the connection an F rating.

If anyone has any ideas as to why my ping could be so insanely high, let me know please.

Thank you

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  1. Is your PC connected directly to the modem or to a router that's connected to the router? Did you contact Cox Communications support?
  2. The RJ-45 is connected from my PC to a router. Haven't contacted them yet, I know they would just walk me through the regular unplug your internet, wait 10 seconds, blah blah. None of which is going to fix the awful ping times.

    I thought there may be another solution for this. Anyone?
  3. What are your ping times from your router to your ISP and from your PC to your router?
  4. Not sure. Didn't know you could do that. How do I check the ping from/to the router?
  5. There should be a ping function under diagnostics or some other menu. Refer to the manual for more info or provide info about your router. I have 3 routers and I can ping on all of them. If a ping from your router to your ISP is low latency, then the problem is between your PC and your router.
  6. Call the ISP. If you get the typical run a round ask to speak with a supervisor. Tell them you are experiencing a high ping when you test the connection. Most of the operators are impressed if you mention ping. They may send a technician out to test the line, could be something that is beyond your control and you will be happy you called.
  7. The ISP will probably ping the modem to determine if the issue is local or or not. Pinging the ISP from the router should accomplish the same.
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    I had similar problems with Cox a couple of times. When I called them they tested my connection while we were on the phone. The tech stated that there was nothing wrong with my connection. After systematically replacing all the other cables and components in my network I replaced my modem called Cox again and had them add the new MAC address into their system and my problem was solved. I had to replace my modem every two years with them.

    FYI: The Cox tech on the phone stated that if they sent out a tech to my home I would have to pay for it.

    Good luck!
  9. Thanks for the replies. I have been really busy lately so haven't gotten a chance to call Cox yet.

    It may very well be the modem kaa0653, I don't think it has been replaced in over 10 years, LOL.

    That seems like an awful long time now that you mention you had to replace yours every 2 years. I will mention this to Cox when I call them.

    Thanks again.

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