GPU Fan Died, any tips?

I have a 7870 from HIS that has a IceQ cooler ( ) that i have been using fine for about 5 months until recently i noticed it started getting real hot under(enough to worry about) loads and idles warm(not to warm to worry about) to find out my fan died in it.

Now Of course HIS would not be so kind to just send me the new fan that would take 10 mins to fix(5 of those finding a tiny screw driver) , so im wondering where i could get a fan replacement for this thing. Otherwise my options boils down to bank in my manufactures warranty (which leaves me without a GPU for god knows how long) or buy a new cooler for it(quicker but more expensive).

So any tricks or tips of where to find a replacement fan or possibly fix the fan, if not any then either know how long HIS usually takes or good replacement Cooling systems?
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  1. Which variant is it? most gfx cards use a 100Mm fan so just mod one on your original shroud would be my option
    If its then you have an 80x21.5 blower fan so that may be a term to google, maybe a replacement is out there
  2. The one you linked is the exact model i have and i have been doing some googling but no such luck yet.
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