EX58 extreme HDD(s) failure(s)

hello pc users and follow nerds! :D

OK, here i go.

My cousin, has a EX58 extreme GIGABYTE motherboard. he's been using various SATA HDDs. each of them, after a short amount of time, will eventually crash, and report in bios that its failed and unrecognisable.

he's tried;

- formatting
- using another O/S (currently win7)
- new motherboard drivers
- he hasn't ran no checks with software (:/)

please suggest more :).
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  2. Welcome Newcomer :)

    While you're the first I seen with the {GA-EX58-EXTREME (rev. 1.0)} MOBO, both the UD3R and UD5R bigger bothers have documented issues with SATA2 ICH10R SSD + RAID 1 HDD - BSOD + Shutdowns. However, there's no fix as of yet.

    Alternatively, if this is the case then up to (2) JMB322 SATA2 drives can be located to the GSATA2_0, GSATA2_1, GSATA2_2, GSATA2_3

    A JMB322 chip supports two SATA 3Gb/s connectors, so the four SATA 3Gb/s connectors are divided into to two pairs: GSATA2_0 and GSATA2_1 as a pair and GSATA2_2 and GSATA2_3 as a pair.

    I'll need for info to give you more information: SSD/HHD/HDD model number or links, OS 32/64 bit, GA Utilities installed, etc.

    BTW - If you are running ANY GA Utility -> Uninstall it. In addition, via MSCONFIG try Diagnostic start-up. Futher, disconnect ALL SSD/HHD/HDD except the {Primary}. In other words use that schema to reduce variables to R/O conflicts, etc.

    Good Luck!
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