Problem with my GPU. Need help

My card doesn't seem to be working. It doesn't give any output (signal) to the monitor. The screen just remains blank. Is it broken? Is there any way to fix it? It's completely stock and hasn't been overclocked.
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  1. What is your card
    List the rest of the PC specs including PSU
  2. did you conect the cabel correctly?
  3. The card is a 8400gs (512 Mb).

    The computer is a 2.8 Ghz Pentium D with 1 GB RAM
    I don't know much about the PSU except that the power supply is 450 W
  4. nau4nik said:
    did you conect the cabel correctly?

    Yes,the cables were connected properly. Actually it was working fine a day before this happened.
  5. and what did u do before this problem exist??
  6. What did you do ?
  7. My brother was playing AOE the day before this happened. And it was shut down normally too. I'm really confused as to what could have caused it.
  8. I think he tried to overclock it
  9. No, he's 11 and doesn't even know what overclocking is. Besides, I don't have any overclocking software or anything like that.

    But I just saw another new post that had a similar problem-"PC Monitor Stuck in Hybernation Mode" in the post without answers section.

    It's the same but there was no power cut, and the monitor works just fine when I connect it to the motherboard.
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