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Hello, guys I am a college student trying to build a PC (my current one is broke and need a new one soon!). Basically I am trying to decide which board is better as they are about the same price. I did some research and found that....

GA-X58A-UD3R- recommended by this site so I know it is a solid card for its price range. And it is a newer card.

ASUS P6TD Deluxe- used to be higher price but seems to be out-dated (no sata 6?)

I apologize ahead because I admit that I dont know too much and have not research as much as I should but I have a few mid terms coming up soon and this is pretty urgent

Oh I am getting a GTX 460 for now and eventually plan to SLI 2 GTX 460
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  1. Both are good,IMO go with the Gigabyte one because you get USB 3.0/Sata 6.0 for only $5 more.
  2. Hi spiker101 and welcome to THG.

    I'd go with the UD3R since is more new (SATA III and USB 3.0) and has a very good price/performance relation and for the SLI that u want is perfect.
  3. Well... It is true... Two Moderators do make a Right!! :D

    The Gigabyte UD3R is the clear choice.
  4. GA-X58A-3udr!

    I have rev 1 of this board and I like it. I like the SATA-III especially and the USB3 will be better in some months as there are more peripherals to chose from that can really use the faster speed. I make more use of the eSATA for the external HDs. Meanwhile the USB3 slots can be used for a USB2 cable/device, amazingly. I don't know what they added for rev 2.

    I have to put in a word for my HAF932 case. Great! Big, though. I use the megahalems cooler so need the deep case.

    I bought mine from Amazon because there was no shipping - NewEgg charges a lot to ship to Hawaii.

    Take care of those mid-terms first! Then have fun building. Best wishes for success with BOTH.

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